The outline below describes a basic overview to the development of a cartoon series that will target teens and young adults.


  • Spirit of past and present (Life form that talks in a gentle voice).
  • The Rap Cat (Represents the current trend in American culture)
  • The Rock Band (Represents the current trend in American culture)
  • The Manager (Represents the demise of all artistic expression before the 20th Century)
  • Main Character (In possession of the glowing ball and chosen to preserve the arts in our society)
  • Five Time Travelers (Possess the five magical forks that aid them in their missions)
  • Zoey “Talking School Bus” (Time traveling mechanism that communicates in every language)

Sub Characters:

  • Cartoon characters that represent today’s culture (Ex. hip-hop artist as animated children characters)
  • Cartoon characters that represent the past (Famous painters, musicians, actors….etc)


  • City and School (Built above ground inside of a dome)
  • Glowing magical ball (Plays music when it is held and summons the spirit of past and present)


Storyville: Return of the Vodou Queen

After the devastation of a massive Hurricane, main character that has strong’s ties to the city returns to find everything in ruins. As he scourers the city and others places where he had spent time, he finds a round object that has survived the storm. He picks it up and to his surprise it starts to glow and play music. He quickly tosses it from his hands and in overwhelming amazement…a life form appears….bright in its appearance it starts to speak in a gentle voice:

“Don’t be afraid ….I am the spirit of past and present. I have come to tell you that you must preserve the history of this great city and nation. You will do this by building a school and invite children from all over the world.  The school must be built above ground to protect it from ever being destroyed. You will give them tuning forks on the beginning of the first day. Five of them will be magical and you will know who has them because the ball will glow and guide you to them. The magical tuning forks are special because they are tuned to generate time travel. The children who possess these forks will be time travelers who return to the past to educate and preserve the arts and humanities of our culture. Keep this ball secure at all times; it is part of every adventure. And, it is the only way I can help you and your time travelers as danger approaches. Without it the world is in danger of losing all artistic purpose! Be careful, there are three entities that know about this ball. They are clever in disguise. The rap cat, the rock band and the manager who frequently poses as a rat. They have great power. And if they somehow obtain the ball, we will lose all hope in preserving the history of music and art in this world. They can never be totally eliminated. You must use the magical tuning forks and acoustic instruments to subdue them. The magical tuning forks must be inserted in the holes that the ball provides. I will also supply you with a time traveling machine that is built within a school bus called Zoey that communicates in all languages. It will take you to far away places that will aid you in your preservation.”

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